About Us

handmade premium items around the baby

Sindibaba is a brand for handmade premium articles around the baby, which is characterized by unique design and the use of high-quality materials…

Our designs adapt to seasonal trends, the different perceptions of children at different ages, and the aesthetic needs and sense of security of parents in our target markets.

Sindibaba has set itself the task of creating fresh, innovative baby and children’s products which, in addition to the fun factor and the preservation of the aesthetic appearance, contribute to the safety of the children, their well-being and the improvement of their learning ability.

Our products are made of high-quality natural products such as wood, leather, cotton or bamboo fibre yarn. We do not use any plastic at all, except where required by child safety guidelines.

Although Sindibaba is still a relatively young brand and we have already gone through some changes since our foundation, we always remain true to our principles with regard to the design and manufacture of our products:

  • Gracious and aesthetic design that not only cuts a fine figure in the children’s room,
  • the use of high quality materials from natural products, and
  • Child safety and freedom from harmful substances, which often go beyond the relevant EU directives.

We will continue to work hard to bring you the best of the world of handmade toys and imaginative accessories for babies and toddlers. With many new materials, products and designs in the pipeline, we are confident that you will continue to find the things that go along with your taste for children’s ambience.

why the name Sindibaba?

Sindibaba anno 2013

Old product catalogue from the season winter/spring 2013 with our nephews Jannick & Florian

SINDIBABA is an acronym from “strong” Sindi and “strong” Baba, word components from the names of two popular heroes from our childhood:

The curved line in the logo is inspired by the shape of a flying carpet from the Tales of the Thousand and One Nights.