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Frequently Asked Questions

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Unfortunately we do not offer personalizations.

Basically, machine-proof Sindibaba stuffed animals should be cleaned in the same way as you would with a sensitive down quilted vest:

  1. First, remove all wooden and metal parts (e.g. fastening clips) and put your Sindibaba item into a laundry net or pillowcase.
  2. If possible, wash the soft toy alone, or make sure that there are no other articles with pointed/sharp objects, open zippers, Velcro fasteners in the drum.
  3. Use a gentle mild detergent. Very important: Do not use fabric softener!
  4. Set the machine to gentle cycle (or wool cycle) and 30° C. Leave out the spin cycle completely, and if it does, select a maximum of 400 revolutions per minute.
  5. Then let the article dry at normal room temperature. Very important: Do not wring out the stuffed animal or put it in the dryer!

Care instructions for Sindibaba articles with wool filling:

Sindibaba articles with wool filling:may only be washed by hand. Rub your Sindibaba soft toy with the foam of a mild detergent and wash it with clear water. Then let your Sindibaba article dry out at normal room temperature.

Sindibaba stuffed animals are quality products that have been carefully processed and tested to give their owners long-term pleasure. With the right care, your “friend” is guaranteed to stay alive for a long time.

The dimensions and weight of the item and many other details can be found on the corresponding product page under “Additional Information”. For handmade items (e.g. all crochet animals) the actual dimensions may differ slightly from the values given.

Yes, it’s possible! We distribute our collections through a network of specialist dealers. Use the retailer search function on our website to find a store with Sindibaba articles in your area.

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